Ellen Benders - fashion designer

About Ellen

Ellen Benders dresses are a mixture of the classical Audrey Hepburn dress and her own Sunday dresses from when she was a child. She loves the pure simplicity and has a strong attraction to her childhood. Ellen calls this “My own happy-go-lucky-nature..” When designing she always brings aspects of where she comes from and where she grew up, from a time when the world around her was still soft & lovely, careless. This makes it more personal, for her at least.. She’s always looking at the female body and how to use elements of little girl dresses to create a more feminine and sophisticated design. She likes to make clothes that make a girl feel happy and comfortable and that she would want to wear this dress every day!

Ellen Benders (1980) graduated from the Amsterdam Fashion Institute and started her own label with the idea of creating hand made and custom made dresses. Getting the right fit is everything!

ellen benders